Expense Management Cost Reduction Solutions
Expense Management Cost Reduction Solutions


VYBRANZ is a Global Expense Management Company providing Cost Reduction Solutions to reduce operational expenses and increase profitability.  VYBRANZ is one of the only Expense Management Companies in the world equipped to tackle a cross-section of cost complexities with a comprehensive approach. 


Helping customers quickly gain strategic financial advantages by controlling operating costs is the most significant value proposition in this recessionary climate.  VYBRANZ creates cash flow and provides meaningful cost reduction solutions in many industries. 


The keys to VYBRANZ success and growth are based on four main principles:


Results, Objectivity, Competence and Confidentiality

Listen to Founder, and Former President and CEO, Barry D. Nalls, present the unique value proposition of VYBRANZ with Business Analyst, David Johnson of KRLD.

Barry D. Nalls, a native of Texas, is a serial entrepreneur. 


With more than 30 years in the telecommunications industry, Nalls helped design and develop a portfolio of new business products; managed and marketed complex networks with a budget of over $3.2 billion. Nalls launched the telecom industries’ first DSL trial and proof of concept; designed and managed a $100 million project for the Pacific Command for Armed Forces; designed and built Texas Lottery Network. In addition, Nalls led three merger teams between GTE and Bell Atlantic to create Verizon.


In 2000, Nalls built one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in the 21st century during one of the worst economic downturns in decades. Forced by global, macroeconomic pressures such as 9/11, SARS epidemic, Dot.Com bust, corporate meltdowns like Enron, WorldCom, and natural disasters; Nalls was required to dive deep into the financial structure of MASERGY to rip out excess costs. With severely limited investment capital available, vital dollars had to be found to sustain daily operations and payroll. Under his leadership, he grew its profits and customer base to 40 countries. In 2011, MASERGY was acquired by Abry Partners.


A nationally recognized and award-winning serial entrepreneur, in 2007, Nalls began a venture: VYBRANZ: a global company specializing in rapid, innovative expense management, cost reduction that helps private sector businesses, nonprofits and municipalities reduce operating expenses to create positive cash flow.


Also in 2007, Nalls was selected to be the subject of an Entrepreneurial Case Study by the Harvard Business School. His career and entrepreneurial endeavors has continued as a valuable component of the MBA curriculum. The case study has been expanded into a book entitled The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup by Dr. Noam Wasserman.  Barry holds a MBA from Southern Methodist University. 


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Measurable Benefits

  • Immediate Results
  • Increased Cash Flow 
  • Controlled Expenses
  • Quick Impact to Bottom Line
  • Greater Efficiency & Profits
  • Improved EBITDA
  • Better Positioning
  • Peace of Mind

Risk Free Savings

We only get paid for results!


If we don't save you money,

you owe us nothing.


To learn how we can help your organization reduce expenses, 


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