Expense Management Cost Reduction Solutions
Expense Management Cost Reduction Solutions

Nonprofits & Charities

VYBRANZ provides expense reduction solutions to nonprofits, charities, educational, and faith-based organizations.  Our staff has in-depth experience about the unique needs of charitable institutions.


VYBRANZ can be a part of your financial stewardship program.  Nonprofits have greater demands on donor dollars and have to compete for diminished corporate giving, fewer grants and minimal returns on endowments.  Reducing excessive operating expenses adds to the fiscal health of the mission.


VYBRANZ knows that nonprofits frequently have little staff to monitor the intricate details and changes of expense areas.   Vendors often charge rack rates and charge erroneous taxes from which they may be exempt from paying.

VYBRANZ works with a full spectrum of nonprofits:


  • Educational & School Districts
  • Churches & Religious institutions
  • Social Service & Social Enterprises
  • Health & Human Service providers
  • Artistic & Cultural institutions
  • Environmental organizations
  • Professional trade associations
  • Membership groups such as fraternal organizations & homeowners associations

Savings Results for Nonprofits

  • International nonprofit saved 68% on PEO costs
  • Aid Agency saved 51% on merchant processing fees 
  • Rehab Center saved 42% on telecom services
  • Multi-location housing agency saved 59% on electric costs
  • Educational Resource Center saved 34% on payroll admin costs
  • Christian Camp reduced janitorial costs by 25% & carpet cleaning by 50%

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Measurable Benefits

  • Immediate Results
  • Increased Cash Flow 
  • Controlled Expenses
  • Quick Impact to Bottom Line
  • Greater Efficiency & Profits
  • Improved EBITDA
  • Better Positioning
  • Peace of Mind

Risk Free Savings

We only get paid for results!


If we don't save you money,

you owe us nothing.


To learn how we can help your organization reduce expenses, 


please call us at 972.347.3222

or send us an email.

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