Expense Management Cost Reduction Solutions
Expense Management Cost Reduction Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of businesses hire VYBRANZ?

A: We work with private enterprises, businesses, nonprofits and municipalities.


Q: What expense areas does VYBRANZ review?

A: VYBRANZ reviews expenses you have to have to operate your business, such as

      Telecom, Credit Card Processing, Utilites (like electric). We've reduced costs in

      more than 75 different expense areas.


Q: What types of industries does VYBRANZ serve?

A: We work with a wide range of industries including retail, restaurant, manufacturing,

      transportation, health care, media, technology, universities, financial services and

      many more.


Q: I don't see that VYBRANZ has worked with my industry? Can I trust

      they will save  my business money?

A: We listen to you and align with your goals. We have a well-defined review

      methodology that delivers results in any industry.


Q: How does VYBRANZ charge for their services?

A: We are paid a percentage of the savings we help achieve.


Q: Do I have to pay VYBRANZ a deposit or retainer?

A: No, you only pay us when we get savings.


Q: Do I need to sign a contract with VYBRANZ to get started?

A: Yes. You and VYBRANZ will execute an Engagement Agreement that outlines

      what areas you want us to review.


Q: What materials do I need to give VYBRANZ?

A: We work from bills and contracts off-site so we don't disrupt your business.


Q: I am very busy; will working with VYBRANZ require a lot of time?

A: No. The only time investment you have to make is to get us bills. Once we get bills,

     we work off-site and will email you with questions and results.


Q: I'm in a contract; can VYBRANZ still review that expense area?

A: Absolutely! We can review an expense currently under contract. In addition to

      identifiying ways to lower costs, we also review bills for accuracy and compliance.


Q: What happens if VYBRANZ finds that I already have best prices?

A: We congratulate you! We validate pricing, billing, contract terms and conditions;

      and then we turn our attention to another project.


Q: Will VYBRANZ recommend reducing headcount to save money?

A: No. We do not perform workforce optimizations nor do we recommend cutting staff.


Do you have a question of your own? Would you like to know more about our expense reduction solutions?  Call us at 972.347.3222 or use our contact form.


Measurable Benefits

  • Immediate Results
  • Increased Cash Flow 
  • Controlled Expenses
  • Quick Impact to Bottom Line
  • Greater Efficiency & Profits
  • Improved EBITDA
  • Better Positioning
  • Peace of Mind

Risk Free Savings

We only get paid for results!


If we don't save you money,

you owe us nothing.


To learn how we can help your organization reduce expenses, 


please call us at 972.347.3222

or send us an email.

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